Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Judie Aitken - Secret Shadows

Dane White Eagle is an undercover FBI agent, searching for the drug dealers who have been poisoning the residents of the Cold Creek Lakota Reservation with designer narcotics. Dr. Claire Colby works te graveyard emergency shift at the hospital, patching up the walking wounded who appear night after night. When tragedy brings them together, they realize they share a dedication to their work -- to making life better for those on the reservation.

But since the fateful night of their meeting, Dane and Claire share other things as well -- like strange dreams of the legendary trickster spirit, Iktomi. And a growing passion for each other that intertwines thier souls and hearts -- and may lead them into mortal danger...

Comment: The first book I've read in the new year.
I was quite expectant about the story after reading the blurb. I like the stories where there's antive-american culture, where oneof the main characters is native-american, especially the male character.
I was hoping for a timeless story about love...but I wasn't really convinced about the feelings in the book. The plot was ok, I liked it enough to enjoy the read. But the romance part could be more...heartfelt, more desperate, I wish it had more feeling. I'm not disappointed, exactly, but it would a superb romance if the feelings portrayed were depicted in a more focused way, I think.

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