Thursday, February 10, 2011

José Saramago - Blindness

Comment: There's a lot that could be said about this book, but I'm sure all the conversation about the movie (which is rather faithful, I must confess) made people aware of what is this book about.

What would happen if everyone, suddenly, got blind?

Saramago was known for his strong beliefs and he always dared his readers to think. This book isn't an exception and somewhere in the end of the book, one of the characters says:
We are all blind, we are blinds who see
, this about thr fact we all see what is going on and still there is so many wrong things with the world.

This wasn't my first book by him but it was the most easy to read, perhaps because the theme compells you to read, perhaps because the writing sounds better...I recommend it to everyone.


  1. I began reading this book and left it half way through! I need to get back to it, S. It does have a great theme, although I was having problems trying to figure out if the translation was faithful to the original.

  2. I obviously haven't read the book as a translation, but if you mean the way he jumps from 3rd person to 1st person just with the use of commas, then yes, it's faithful.
    It's just the way he wrote, like he was speaking...telling a story, instead of just writing about it, you know?
    Annoying, but it was him all right.
    :) It's a great book, the movie is also quite faithful.