Monday, February 7, 2011

Madeline Hunter - The Sins of Lord Easterbrook

A kiss long ago. . . A desire that never dies. . .
A passion that will not be denied.
Seven years ago, Leona Montgomery's sensuality was awoken by a mysterious young adventurer full of dark chaos and sinful inclinations.
When she meets him again, their attraction reignites immediately, but he is much changed. Arrogant, masterful, and determined to seduce her, he now appears to have leashed the chaos and tamed the darkness.
Or has he?

Comment: I was quite eager to read this book after all the talk about the marquess in the previous books.
Altough it has started in a way I wasn't very fond of, in the end it was ok, and the epilogue has redeemed it in my eyes. Well, not completely because I think more would be better, but I see the point where something must end.
Anyway, first I didn't like the marquess' secret. Empathy? It sounds too strange, because it felt liek something had to be out of sorts, but it didn't have to be this. It all worked out in the end considering he learnt to work out with that and to use it and discipline it. But it's still strange.
Seond, I didn'r particularly like the heroine. I mean, she is a good heroine, just not for him, I guess. I'd imagined someone more vulnerable economically, with a bigger fight to acknowledge their's the problem with expectations. Usually they're never met.
I liked it in the end, yes, but it isn't what I really wanted, so I leave it with a good memory but nothing more.

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  1. I agree! I had a tough time getting into this book, but I kept reading and in the end I like it. I also thought that the "empathy" thing was a bit tough to swallow. It was unexpected. :( I'd looked forward to the end of this series and was a bit disappointed too. It wasn't the best book in the series, but it was okay.