Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deborah Cooke - Darkfire Kiss

Rafferty Powell has resolved to destroy his hated arch-nemesis, Magnus Montmorency. The pair have exchanged challenge coins, and their next battle will be their last. But Rafferty never expected to meet a woman whose desire for Magnus's end matches his own-and whose soul sparks the firestorm within him...

Comment: The sixth installment of the Pyr's adventures was a bit weaker than the others, to me. Rafferty was the one who always wanted his firestorm. All the others were too surprised to have theirs and some even fought it because they didn't want the responsability and the weight of knowing they would be parents. Not Rafferty. He always wanted it and even appreciating his friends's oportunity, he was wondered when would be his turn. Well, in all the books there was poor Rafferty saddened once again because it still wasn't him. So, now his book came and I thought yep, here it is, I was ready for more than firestorm, I wanted fireworks, sexual tension, true passion!! I was disappointed, the romance lacked chemestry in a way I didn't expect.
Then - and this is spoiler zone - the fact he couldn't have biological children because his mate couldn't conceive. I was sorry for Melissa's fate, for the fact she couldn't, and she was a brave mate, yes, but...this is Rafferty, the guy who despaired for a firestorm, who wanted it more than anything! How bad karma to see him denied that part of the experience...I was really sad.
This issue ruined the book a bit for me...not totally, but a prt of it.

Positive things....yes, some:
Magnus is dead, always a good thing. Although there's still Jorge, trapped but surely will be released someday, and two enemies joining forces to destroy the Pyr...let's see what happens.
We saw two more dragons come along and I must confess I am curious to see them fall in love, and as we don't know if Sloane is next...I mean he is the last one that we know since the start that hasn't a mate yet, but the new ones give me hope too!
Sophie makes an appearance, we understand some new myths about our dragons...all in all, good things.
The book itself wasn't that bad, it just...it's disappointing to see Rafferty with such a weak romance, in my opinion.

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