Monday, May 23, 2011

Chris Quinton - Dark Waters

Flein is a wanderer by instinct and need, roaming the known world as the fancy takes him.In the Highland village of Glenfinnan, women have been raped and brutally murdered. The killer is a waterhorse, a monstrous shapeshifter by all accounts. But when Flein meets Donnchadh, first in its equine form, then its man-shape, he knows the waterhorse is innocent. As they hunt for the real murderer, Flein reluctantly becomes more and more drawn to the handsome shapeshifter. Donnchadh, though wary, shares the same attraction.
But time is against them. They must find the killer before more women die. Then suspicion is turned on them and the hunters become the hunted.

Comment: The last book in the challenge for this month, I'll post which authors I'll read the next one later on.

This story follows the search for a killer by two mystical beings that unite forces to clean one of their names and character. They don't seem to come to terms at first, because they see things differently but slowly we get to see there's something developping between them, I especially liked the romance part wasn't rushed and that makes things look more promising and believable.
Flein is the son of a god and meets a fae being that rules a loch and eats even people if he's hungry. They clash on the way they see things and on how to act but from the moment they join forces to stop the killer and rapist, feelings blossom.
I was quite happy to read the story, there's enough details that enrich the story, it isn't boring and the pace suits it. The end was good, enchanting and hopeful. Still I finished the book with the feeling something could not work so well in real life if those characters were humans and real people, but well, this is waht dreams are made of.
I also liked the scotish setting and to see some mythology, I've gathered the author is interested in these kind of subjects and it shows.

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