Sunday, May 22, 2011

S.A. Payne - Snowflakes and Embers

Deseem was to be a gift to God, trained from birth to be a priest but when his father, the king, is short on allies and heirs he's ordered to become a Bentan Bride. Left with no choices and options he braces himself for the worst.
Liam is used to how his magic frightens people and he's learned to like his isolation. He's content being a Watcher and finds real joy in his work. The last thing he wants is a Bentan Bride.
When destiny and chance bring them together they both have to struggle to build a new life.

Comment: I loved reading this story. It was the first thing by this author that I've tried but I'm in love with the two main characters, for real!
The story follows the lives of Deseem and Liam, two different young men, from two places that couldn't be more different. Deseem is "sold" as a bentam bride to another man, because it suits his family's treaties. He is very shy and fears disaproval and beatings. Liam, on the other hand, comes from a more loving family even though he too has some issues to solve with them.
Together these two must live together and face the feelings that start to emerge between them

The writing is uncredible beautiful, and the imagination to creat such a story...I loed the detailed bits of everyone's beliefs and living styles, I loved spending my time reading this. All the situations make sense within the story and the characters acted accordingly to the way they were educated.
I felt sorry for Deseem when things weren't going well for him and I celabrated when he decided to take a stand.
Liam is a very cute character, one the reader feels is ginving everything he can to be fair. It was very good to see the development of their relationship and the way the both reacted to what was happening.
The secondary characters had some deep, they weren't there just to fill some space, and I was glad to see them play their part in uniting Deseem and Liam.

The author has a very vivid imagination and made a world very unique and with flaws, sure, but nothing is perfect except the way the story flows, it's amazing.
I'll certainly read more by her.
I'm really in love, the characters don't leave my head and when I've finished the last page I felt sorry because there wasn't more.
One of the best gay stories I've read.

*Story available to subscribe in the author's site.

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