Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deborah Smith - When Venus Fell

The ties that bind us--to our families, to our pasts--are at the heart of this deeply engrossing story. Venus Arinelli saw her future as a concert pianist shattered when her father's life ended in disgrace. Now Venus plays in cocktail lounges, sporting her survival skills like a suit of armor. When a stranger emerges from her parents' long-ago past with an offer too good to refuse, Venus' suspicions flare up.

But Gib Cameron has a special mission. He represents the Camerons of Tennessee--a family as rooted in American history and Southern soil as Venus' is notorious and fly-by-night. Yet the Camerons, survivors of tragedy, need Venus for reasons that have to do with honor and loyalty and an almost mystical bond to their shared past. And Gib, as hard-eyed a skeptic as Venus herself, has to persuade her to come to their mountain home.

Comment: Another month, another book by this author. I've decided to read one a month, and considering the ones I already bought anf have, I'll be reading a book by her until january! If I don't get others that didn't seem that appealing too.

The book I've read this month was When Venus Fell. I loved the blurb and the story didn't disappoint, at all!
Venus and her sister have been running from place to place, never with much money or conditions, because their father was accused of terrorist connections and the government is always looking for them for more and more questions.
They work a few months in one place and then they go when they're found. This time it's Gib Cameron who finds them. But he is actually looking for them because Venus an Ella's parents married in Gib's family estate and now it's time for them too see it and... the money he left them.
In there Venus and Ella find many things to love and cherish and they finally get to have a home.

Once again, the author blended well the personalities of several characters and a very good story.. I think her best features as a writer are her input in relationships and in how it's natural to have people around you. I love this.
Venus and Gib don't start quite well but slowly they fall in love even when neither admits it..until there are no more excuses. I think the characters are always well depicted in this author's books. They all have a strong voice even when it doesn't look like it.
Both Gib and Venus have things they rather not share but while they get to know each other better, they do and it feels right for them and the reader feels it too. Venus is my favourite character, she has a vulnerable side that really reaches the reader and I think her actions are believable. Gib accepts ealier what is happening between them but nothing is rushed and he doesn't force Venus to anything.
I think they are quite balanced.
The other characters also have an important role to play and their importance isn't diminuished as it sometimes happens in some books that focus to much on the main couple.
This is a warm, sweet story and I loved it. Gentle Rain remains my favourite by the author but this one is right after.

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