Sunday, June 12, 2011

Emily Veingory - Wolfkin

Arun is in training to be a priest of the Fire God when he is abruptly plucked from his peaceful studies, bespelled and staked out as bait to capture a monster—a wolfkin. But the wolfkin isn’t quite what Arun expected. He has a name, Trae, and he’s more man than beast. And from their first touch, they are far more than predator and prey to each other.

Instead of killing Arun, Trae spirits him away to the distant city of Shireen. There, on a family plot of land, they should have a good life together. But the spell that a witch cast on Arun is growing stronger, taking over—and it still wants to destroy the wolfkin.

Torn between the power of the spell and his love for Trae, Arun must face the darkness within him—or it will kill them both.

Comment: This is another of my reads for the m/m challenge. I had read one book by this author a long time ago and I liked it but to be honest there wasn0t anything distinctive about it. This another story I've picked, Wolfkin, is another one of that's obvious the effort the author put in, but I didn't see or read anything in it that makes me remember it.
A young accolyte is forced to seduce a wolfkin in order to save his sister from the dangerous lord of the estate, and in the process magic is used so after they meet, the wolfkin is captured and the young man starts to develop a strange darkness within...

Well, I must say I was surprised with some things that happened after this and that "saved" this story from being too much safe. Nothing against the writing style, but I don't know, there's something in there that just doesn't appeal, like it lacks sizzle.
The characters looked promising and were the story further developped I'm sure it would be interesting to see the decreasing conflicts and feelings emerge. The way it ended, it seemed rushed.
I can't say I loved it but it was ok.

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