Sunday, June 12, 2011

Serena Yates - To Find and to Keep

Four years ago Ryan's parents disowned him for being gay. To escape their threats, he ran away to Canada. Now his twin sister Nicole is getting married to his best friend Peter, and Ryan will risk anything to attend. Help arrives in the most unexpected form: Peter's older brother Daniel, the man Ryan had never stopped loving.

Comment: Another medium story for me.

As it happened with the previous story, there's nothing in this one that makes think twice about it.

Ryan went away after his parents threw him away foe being gay. He went, not knowing he had support in his friends and sister, but now she's getting amrried so he returns just to see her. In the process he meets again his old crush but perhaps it's not a one way crush...

Ryan and Daniel are sweet together, Ryan had had trouble, both financially and emotionally. That they rekindled their relationship is actually a good thing for Ryan but he has been in love with Daniel for so long and he's not sucessful so he doesn't think something can come out of it, despite Daniel's apparent attraction. This is a sweet story, key on the fact we should count on our friends, but is's a bit too cliché to be awesome. The way it is, I'd say it's simply normal, there's isn't a wow factor.
This is the first thing I've read by the author, and I'm aware there is a sequel to this story, I'll get it later on to see it there's an improvement. But well, some things don't work for some people, right?

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