Sunday, June 5, 2011

Josephine Cox - Live the Dream

Plain, down-to-earth Amy Maitland can't help but notice the sad and handsome stranger who spends every Tuesday at the local cafe -- an artist who puts his heart and turbulent emotions on canvas in vivid, powerful paintings. No stranger herself to the pain of loss and betrayal, she is drawn to this haunted man, his kindness, and his mystery.

But Luke Hammond is more than he seems. A wealthy factory owner in financially depressed Blackburn, he seeks a haven from his guilt and tragic past -- an escape he seems to find in Amy's warm smile and gentle spirit. Yet Amy Maitland is not of his world, and there is no place for her in Luke's shattered life -- unless they can both open their wounded hearts to a promise each believed long dead ... and find the courage to embrace the most glorious dream of all.

Comment: This book was...well, if I were to compare it to food, tasteless.
There's nothing in this sort of story/writing that appealed to me. I wonder if it's just this one book or if all her books are like this, but to be honest I don't fell the need to check for myself.

All the characters seemed strong at some point but they didn't act like it. The only character that "stays" in my mind was the crazy one and it's mostly because she acted more childish than vicious. which makes her a little bit pathetic. I'm being mean, I'm sure, but this is how I feel. The story promised some things (namely a HEA with two certain characters) and in the end I finished the last line with a mild WTF?...mild because I wasn't that expectant to be really annoyed.

The writing..well, it sure was correct but lacked pasion, purpose..things were there because they had to. I wasn't convinced. At all! Plus the blurb on back cover is seems like a lighter story, but wirh a healthy dose of romance and in the end I was quite surprised about how insipid it felt.

Perhaps I'm being unfair, as the author has many published books and certainly fans love her, otherwise she wouldn't publish as much, but I'm afraid I won't become one of them.

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