Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nora Roberts - The Search

Talented search and rescue dog trainer Fiona Bristow escaped the clutches of a serial killer several years before, but not before he murdered her fiance and her beloved dog. She has retreated to a cabin in the wilderness and is wary of forming bonds with anyone, but handsome newcomer and talented carpenter Simon has an unruly puppy to train and soon man and dog charm their way into Fiona's life. But just when she starts to relax, it becomes clear a copycat murderer is on the loose, and making his way closer and closer towards her with unfinished business on his mind ...

Comment: Nora Roberts was the first author whose work I just had to get my hands on. I devoured almost everything she wrote in the 80s and then most of her most recent work too. Like with any other author, there are some things I just can't imagine why she wrote that (Public Secrets and Blue Smoke come to mind), but others...others make it seem so easy to write a book, so fluid it appears in front of my eyes.
This book is one of those, the story just flows naturally and everyhting is set in place that I didn't spend time thinking "what if" when things could be in a way I think could be better.
Simona nd Fiona aren't a love at first sight couple but neither spends the whole book thinking they don't deserve the other ot that they can't be together, so from that POV, it was great. I especially liked Simon, he isn't one of the perfect Nora heroes but he isn't too aloof to be a reluctant hero. He doesn't bother with fights against his feelings or behaviour, he is a kind man with a sharped mind and I liked that a lot.
Then there's the dogs, I loved them all, loved the information about rescue dogs and rescue procedures. It was an interesting subject but things didn't sound too forced like it happened in other books. Perhaps because the subject was a good one.
All in all, a great read, one I had a good time with and that matters the most to me.

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  1. Oh, I really enjoyed this book! I loved Simon and Fiona. I think this is the one Suspense Romance by NR that I've enjoyed the most in the last few years. Although I did like Black Hills... but not as much.