Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anne Herries - An Ideal Match

It was obvious to everyone except Miss Jane Osbourne, who kept her feelings to herself while she tended to the wounded man. Max, Lord Massingham, was not only handsome and generous, she thought, but he would make an ideal husband for some lucky bride, perhaps her ward, the lovely Amanda. Max's hopes were not on Amanda, but on Jane herself. Yet before he could declare his love, he had to protect Jane and her ward from harm, as well as uncover an unknown assailant wanting to take his fortune and his life.

Comment: Bored. This is the adjective that defined me when I started this book, while I was reading this book and when I've finished this book.
I found this book in Bookmooch and someone was kind enough tos end it to me and in the end I couldn't be more bored. Since the first pages I figured out I wouldn't spend a great time but as I have a personal rule to finish all books, there I went...but I admit I read some sentences very fast.
The plot is predictable, but in these kind of books we know what to expect, we are hoping to be challenged by writing and the emotions, not exactly by surprises.
Anyway, the story really wan't for me...I've read historicals, I've read stuff published by harlequin and I've nejoyed several books combining the two, but this one...the two protagonists didn't have chemestry, I dind't think their personalities was well done, they were too perfect in their good aspects and too silly in the bad ones, there was no balance, no trueness. The way they behaved also seemed artificial. The secondary characters were better but not enough to redeem the book to me.
Also, usually the labguage used in historicals doesn't bother me but in this case... I don't know, perhaps it was just one more thing and I got mad but the fact is it bothered me and didn't help my likeness for the book.
This book really didn't convince me. I don't recommend it.

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