Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catherine Anderson - Comanche Moon

They called him Hunter, the fierce Comanche warrior chosen by his people to journey across the western wilderness in search of the elusive maiden who would fulfill their sacred prophecy:
For the sake of the Comanche, find the honey-haired woman; bring her among us, and honor her as you never will another.

Loretta Simpson came to him as in a vision, a proud, golden-haired beauty. Loretta had lived in terror of the Comanche since the brutal murder of her parents at their hands. Now she was a Comanche prisoner and nothing could ease the fear and hate she felt. What she did not know was that she and Hunter were bound by more than the bonds that held her--they were bound by destiny. She swore to defy her captor, but could she defy her heart?

Comment: I love the author's books, they're full of emotions and there's always a good HEA to make us believe in forever love, so it's garanteed a good time and a even better romance. In this case, the book was also very good, I loved it but yes, there's also a heavier sense of sorrow.
The two main characters hate waht the other represents. The story isn't only about seeing someone you might hate through loving eyes, it's about accepting a whole different culture in your life. the thing is, both of them had plenty reasons not to trust the other and to avoid atatchment because they feared it might see what really was behind the culture. I think it was an intelligent tactic of the author to portray the differences between the cultures and the fight between them. This way we believe it more when both Hunter and Loretta finally accept the love they feel for the other as true, because there's nothing else in their way to each other. I loved that.
What was difficult to read were the losses throughout the story, the things they lost and can't get back. I've cried a lot of times. I think this book was heavier than some of the others I've read by her because there's so many things I wish could have gone many hard feelings to overcome and deaths to process. I didn't like seeing some things happen the way it was.
The romance was good, I was convinced and I liked the slow pace, the slow conquering of both their feelings. It was magical to see.
The book focuses a lot on the two cultures and the differences between them but it's not pro anything..both sides are well portrayed and both have good and bad things about them. I liked the fact I could choose to accept whatever from both sides.
This was a smart book, with a good romance but the HEA..although happy and's not a perfect one. Too much stuff happened before for it to be perfect, but...I hope the second book is easier to read and more obvious on the happiness.

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