Monday, September 5, 2011

Stan Nicholls - Quicksilver Rising

In the land of Bhealfa, magic defines and controls the social order. But the most powerful and expensive spells are used by the authoriti6 to control the entire population.

Reeth Caldason is one of the last remaining members of a warrior race that was brutally massacred decades ago. Cursed with episodes of blind, uncontrollable rage, he is forced to wander the world seeking revenge for his people and a cure for his magical affliction. But the spell that binds Reeth is highly mysterious, and only when a young sorcerer's apprentice tells him of the mysterious Covenant does he regain a glimmer of hope. Forming an uneasy alliance, the two head for Bhealfa's capital city in search of the secretive magical society, unaware that they are about to be drawn into a dangerous world of conspiracy and treachery.

Comment: My first attempt with this writer. I followed a recommendation by a friend who loves fantasy and we shared our taste for several books before so it was no hard decision to try this one too.
After having read it, I must say I liked it but felt too "all over the place" to me. Lots of things happening at the same time and a lot of information to process.
The idea interested me, as I like to see fantasy books with the premise of diference in the status, diference in the magic levels, plus romance and I'm in. There are many things I'm curious about, especially about the main character's past and what will happen to them once some of those things get solved. However, they aren't completely new for me to feel eager to know the rest. I will read the 2nd and 3rd volumes somewhere in the future, but I can resist easily that urge.
I think the author could've written a bit more about each character instead of creating so much mystery with those he presented because now I feel a bit lost and some things seem too weird.
Of course, good things existed, the magical references in the book, what can be done with magic is very interesting and I could easily imagine it, such were the author's descriptions.

Note: After this book there are Quicksilver Zenith and Quicksilver Twilight. Interesting that in the US, these books have different titles.

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