Sunday, October 23, 2011

J. R. Loveless - Chasing Seth

Veterinarian Seth Davies comes to Senaka, Wyoming, looking for peace and anonymity, trying to escape his past. He’s always been a target for trouble and pain, and Seth has had more than his share of both. Kasey Whitedove takes one look at Seth and assumes the worst. No white man could love animals the way the mostly Cheyenne population expects, and Kasey makes Seth’s first days in Senaka more than unpleasant.

Then an accident puts Kasey in the uncomfortable position of eating crow—and helplessly desiring Seth—despite the danger of Kasey’s life as a werewolf and Seth’s stressful secrets. Chasing Seth down and keeping him safe from his past has just become Kasey’s most important job.

Comment: I didn't read book for the challenge, but I enjoyed another book by the author so much ( Touch me Gently) that after reading this one's blurb and finding out it was about shapeshifters, I had to read it. I downloaded right away and read it that same day.
Well, the story is ok, interesting start, they didn't like each other much and I was grinning the whole time, I was antecipating a very romantic novel, with a final surrender that would be perfect. Nope, it wasn't like that.
Don't get me wrong, the story works and it's good, intriguing at times but in the end there were things that, although I didn't not like them, it just was too predictable to enjoy completely. I have to agree with someone's comment in AllRomance Ebooks (where I purchased my ebook), when he/she said it had all the clichés used in shapeshifters' books.
The main character don't get along at first because one of them is white (Seth)and the other native american (Kasey). This one just can't accept the white guy because he's a vet replacing the old doctor and to him, white men don't understand animals. However, the white guy is also a shapeshifter like the native american and after that he decides to pursue him, because he is his mate after all.
Perfect story in my opinion, if not for two main things: Seth was abused so it's understandable his fears and less dominant side, but in the beginning he seemed a competent doctor, and by the end he only seemed a very, very close imitation to a twink. I just hate it when a character seems so strong at first and then ends up a twink! Another thing, they didn't like each other and Kasey really had a bad opinion of Seth. He finds out he's his mate and promptly decides to have him. It just seemed rushed. I wished...I guess I wanted to see things in a more believable way, even if it's paranormal.
I still don't regret having read it, and to be honest the author's talent in writing isn't in cause here, I just hoped for a more solid story, perhaps also a little bit original, that was really my hope when I got the book.
The way things ended it's very likely there's a sequel coming, Ill probably read it, but I do hope it's better...

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