Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alexis Morgan - Darkness Unknown

Gwen Mosely's life changes forever when she stumbles across a handsome stranger, bleeding and left for dead in the woods behind her farm. But the real shock is how his wounds heal overnight -- a trait he shares with Gwen's teenaged half-brother Chase.
Jarvis Donahue can't keep his eyes -- or his hands -- off the sexy redhead who rescued him. Gwen's warm smile and lust-filled eyes are impossible to resist...but Jarvis immediately recognizes Chase as a fellow Paladin, a warrior born to defend mankind in the relentless battle against the Others. Although Gwen may hate Jarvis for it, he is dutybound to introduce Chase to the Paladins' dangerous lifestyle.
As the barrier between the two worlds weakens, the threat grows perilously close to Gwen's farm. Jarvis is determined to protect his lover -- but if he reveals his identity, he not only betrays his people's secret, he risks losing her forever...

Comment: I've decided to read this book because I've had it here for a long time now and these days, the series no longer say anything to me. It's something I got interested when my eagerness for the paranormal first started, but after some years and many books read, my tastes are more precise and I know better what to look for among all the paranomal out there, so this series are no longer on my love list. However, for a while they were and I wouldn't want to say goodbye just risking the author from my auto buy list, I did read the only book I had here yet to read and to be honest it was better than the others. Just not that good to the point of changing my mind.
The story was more interesting because the author focused on something not yet seen in the series, the hows of recruiting a new paladin. It was interesting to see a situation where it ocurred.
This book #5 in the paladin series and this book focuses on Jarvis, from another paladin fighting place along the barrier, different from the place in the first 4 books. I think the romance was ok, a bit too fast as in most paranormals, but what I think is worth reading is the character's interaction and the hows of recruiting a new paladin, as we see in the book. It's quite interesting and something the author hadn't tried yet.
The overall story seemed more focused on how things were working than in the couple itself, which was good, because there's just something in the writing that makes the love business lacking...probably why I disconnected from the series, but not just that. It's a promising world but not...addictive.
I think another big issue is the world itself, it feels too confined, very black and white (although the story presents situations opposite this) and I feel there's a bubble around the world the author created and things can't work outside it, I'm not sure how to explain, only comparing to authors whose fiction worlds seem bigger than life.
Well, it's a goodbye, but who knows, perhaps in he future when I'm out of books to read (doubtful, but...) I can return to this world...and enjoy it.

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