Sunday, November 13, 2011

Filipe Faria - The Fate of the Shadow

The gods are dead, and their fall leaves Allaryia on the brink of a spiraling descent into chaos and destruction. The seeds of the Scourge’s plans are now bearing fruit, and Aewyre Thoryn and his companions are the only ones aware of the insidious threat, as well as the only ones with any hope of fighting it.
The race against time has begun, as renegade servants of the Scourge scheme towards Ul-Thoryn’s downfall. A threat from times immemorial approaches the Pearl of the South, threatening to nip the resistance against the Scourge in the bud. This is the turning point of the Eight Age, after which nothing shall ever be the same again in Allaryia.

Comment: For those who didn't read the other post I have about this author, he is portuguese and writes fantasy books. He recently finished the series Chronicles of Allaryia, a tale about a group of people from different races who start to look for what happened to the father of one of them and end up fighting to save the world where they live in.
It's very fun to read and I've been a fan since the first book. However I like to space things in order to not become bored and this is why I only read this book now.

This book is the 6th in the series and everything looks bad for the group. I knew this book would be darker because of what happened in the last one and also because the villain is alive and we're not very clear on what he really intends to do. After this one, there's only one final book in the series.
In this one we finally see most of the group reunited again after their private journeys end. Only two of them are still away and..well, they have to be. But I hope to see them in the final book together again.
In this story Awyere still has to find a way to get the power of the essence of the blade from Kror and now he has to worry about this brother too, all because of the terrible actions Dilet has done. I hate Dilet, how annoying he has managed to live throughout so many books. Anyway, things don't work out as he thought and only with the help and support of Liannah can he go on. Allumno, another member of the group says goodbye to his master and tries a plan that doesn't work out the way he wanted. I felt sorry for him.
Aereth also does something completely surprising that I never, ever, imagined would happen to him, I still can't quite understand it. Quenestil and Slayra are still at odds with each other and after she confessed her children aren't his, I's so unfair, he loved her and now is holding on to the belief everything in his journey was a test to his ability to be a great warrior and it just...ahh I wanted them to be happy, I hope they still can be.
In the end two things happen that can change the whole fate and I'm not sure what it will mean to the group.
I liked reading this book a lot, even despite all the bad things in it, the only thing a little bit annoying is the extensive battle scenes and descriptions. Apart from this, the series is great.
I'm going to read the final book next a way I can't wait to see how it all ends, but it makes me a bit sad to know it will be over. Let's see how it ends

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