Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catherine Anderson - Comanche Magic

Handsome and powerful, with enough Comanche blood coursing through his veins to make him a little bit dangerous, Chase Wolf was used to getting what he wanted. So when Chase saw Franny--a golden-haired angel with deep green eyes, delicate features, and the sweetest smile--he set out to make her his.
As tempted as Franny was, she had too many secrets to let someone enter her world--secrets that would send any reasonable man packing. But Chase was far from reasonable, and despite her desperate attempts to push him away, he would not let her past destroy their future. For his Comanche heart knew that no price was too great to pay for love, happiness, and most of all, magic.

Comment: The last book in the Comanche series.
I liked this one a lot and I think the author has treated the subject with finesse.
Frannie is a prostitute and Chase, after a while, decided to win her because he sees in her eyes she isn't a prostitute like the others, he sees her and believes she deserves to be happy...with him.
I think the book was a very romantic story, I liked how Chase wouldn't trust Frannie at first but after knowing her better, he realized she isn't what he expected and he starts to court her. Frannie doesn't think she is worthy of love, she must make penance for something in her past and has to help her family, so prostitution it is. Chase makes her want things different and that is the beginning of her change into happiness.
I loved the fact things aren't perfect in the protagonist's life but with some love and understanding things can be solved. I loved how romantic the story was. I was also a bit shocked to see how Frannie ended up at prostitution but I believe forgiveness is also a strong motivator to joy and true happiness.

The author has done a great job in the protagonists' characterization, I think. I believed their reasons and their changes into people who loved and who wanted to protect others. I liked this a lot.

After having read the 4 books, I have to say I prefer the last two and will probably re-read some favourite scenes. The first two, however, are too sad, too filled up with good characters dying or being forgotten and I can't stand the emotional depression it beings to my mind while I was reading them. I like knowing the protagonists ended up happy, but it's still not the way I wanted things to happen. So, all in all it is a good series, but for me, it's worth mostly because of the two last more romantic and sweeter stories.

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