Sunday, December 11, 2011

Challenge in the end

The challenge is pratically completed and finished.
I only have two more books to reach the end of my 30 books mark.
I'll post my final comments after I read the two remaining books, probably by the end of december (or in the beginning of january) but this has been the most interesting experience, I'm very happy with the way things worked out for me.

This month two letters remain:
Z from Drew Zachary
and the surprise letter I haven't posted yet. Well, I wasn't sure which one to pick or which author, so I decided to choose an anthology instead. Yes, an anthology.
I'll post it whan I read it, I think it will be the perfect end although it's not christmas related.

Anyway, this is it. After the two remaining books I'll post a little something here to announce it officialy, but I'll put my comments about the whole challenge in the challenge's page in order to make things tidy.
It has been fun, that's for sure...

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