Sunday, December 11, 2011

Larissa Ione - Immortal Rider

Arik Wagner, a soldier with the U.S. Army's paranormal unit, the R-XR, kissed a girl and liked it. And then he went to hell as punishment. Where he's spent weeks being tortured…and plotting revenge.
Limos, Horsewoman of the Apocalypse, isn't your average girl. She's immortal, dangerous, and her fiancé is Satan himself. In a moment of weakness, she gave in to her desire and kissed Arik, triggering her fiancé's wrath -- and his claim on her. In order to save Arik, and the world, Limos must make a dangerous pact with her recently turned evil brother, Pestilence. A deal that might just cost her her soul…and her heart.

Comment: When this book finally arrived I was very happy because I wanted to read for quite some time now. I like the author's style a lot, and even more so the world she created. I like impossible things done in a credible and sexy way.
In this second installment of the deliverance series we follow Limos, the second horseman (woman), who is promised to marry Satan. And Arik, the guy who dares to kiss her and who goes to hell because of it.
Then he runs off and she helps him after his ordeal and from then on things start to get really dangerous. Plus Thanatos, (Death) also has his storyline initiated.
I think this was a very nice continuation of the spin off. Things are all connected in a way and it's fun to see what happens next, sometimes explaining things that happend before, sometimes setting what's to come.
The romance wasn't as interesting as the first tough. I mean, in my opinion. Limos and Arik didn't seem to have as much chemestry as Ares and Cara from the first book. Also Limos had to deal with some bad choices from her past and some emotional stuff that, I think, were too serious to be treated fast, I think some of the things mentioned here should have started in the other book.
The storyline will continue with Thanatos book and in this case things are already set, which I believe to be good. It would have been good to have the same thing with this one, oh well.
The storyline still focuses on Pestilence and his actions, which seem almost unlikely to have any redemption but he will be, and that will be a challenge to the auhtor to do in a credible way. I can't wait. Also can't wait for Reaver's story, the author has said the angel will have his own book.
This book is stronger in its plot and advances than the romance, like I said. I've heard some people talk about negative things they saw happening in the book, including a rape and after having read the book, it's obvious things aren't black and white. I guess we can say there's rape in the book, but in no way I think it was evil intended and will surely be "solved" int he following book. I say this because to me, it wasn't evil, the author has done it well I think. Plus it's rather unusual...
This is an auto buy author to me, I really can't wait for next year to read Lethal Rider, Death's story.


  1. This story truly takes you for a ride. Heart was pounding during some scenes even had a few tears going. This story is a worl wind of emotions: grief, loss, fear, horror, humor, love, doubt and much more. My favorite in all the series. Can't wait for Reseph's book but know it can't beat this. Thanatos is a strong character with a playful side that comes out with Regan that surprises you. Loved it.

  2. Hi! Thank you for stopping by, you're right, these books are a great ride :)