Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ally Blue - Forgotten Song

You don’t expect the love of your life to literally fall at your feet. Ben Carson sure as hell didn’t. But when a mysterious stranger passes out cold at Ben’s feet after a street fight, Ben knows right away that this could be something special, that this man isn’t like anyone else he’s ever known.
Eric Green intrigues Ben from the first. The heat between them is fierce and immediate. But it's more than a physical attraction. Ben is drawn to the sorrow and vulnerability that lie behind Eric’s hot temper and suspicious nature. Generous, open, and trusting, Ben vows to help Eric put the violence and abuse of his past behind him and heal the damage it did to him.
As Ben tears down the walls Eric has built around himself and Eric learns to trust again, the powerful attraction between them grows and deepens into a love that could last a lifetime. But the past isn’t always so easily pushed aside…

Comment: I had this book to read for a long time but like most things in my TBR list, I've never had the time to read it. It was finally its turn.
The story focuses on Eric and Ben. They meet after Ben helps Etic out of a fight and he "rescues" him and brings him to this house because Eric doesn't have any place to go.
With time, Eric starts trusting Ben but Ben wants Eric and doesn't want to betray that building trust so he never says anyhting until it's just so obvious.
Eric starts feeling the same but he has an awful past, he's afraid and recoils from intimacy which makes him less confidant in his life because he thinks he's not good enough for Ben.
The things that stand out in this story is msotly Eric's fears. I liekd the fact he didn't "heal" overnight, he felt something for Ben, he tried but it wasn't let's have sex now, because when someone has a troubled past, one one fears something, it's not believable that things work out right away. In this the author was ok, although it might seem Eric is just being whiny.
Chapter after chapter the relationship between the grows but we also start seeing that Eric's past isn't as basic as we might thing, things were even worse that waht we imagined. I felt sorry for him too, but I liked seeing him fall in love with Ben and that they tried to trust each other even after a small fight.
Some people whose reviews I read or whose comments I checked said this book made them cry. Well, to be honest, I didn't and it's something usually easy for me to do when it's a sad story like this one. I was sad yes, but strangely not enough to cry, I'm not sure why..of course it's not a requisit but I guess I was expecting to be touched more intensely. Still, the fun in reading is the different reactions it provokes...I still recommend it.

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