Monday, January 23, 2012

Constance O'Day-Flannery - Time-Kissed Destiny

With dreams of scuba diving in the relaxing warm waters of Bermuda, Kate Walker left New Jersey for sand, sun and surf. On her very first dive, however, Kate got much more than she bargained for --- she discovered sunken treasure. But when she went to claim her bounty, suddenly all the divers around her disappeared, and Kate found herself staring into a pair of hypnotizing blue-gray eyes! This diver wasn't familiar at all --- he wasn't wearing scuba gear and didn't have an oxygen tank strapped to his back! Frightened, Kate swam off in the direction of the ship she had dove in from, realizing too late that she hadn't even offered to share her life-supporting oxygen with the stranger . . .
Shipping entrepreneur Michael Sheridan couldn't believe his own eyes --- he found a mermaid at the bottom of the ocean! All of those ancient sea tales were true . . . even if this was the modern age and the year 1868, he now had reason to believe those old stories. She had fins for feet, a sleek body and the most exquisite flowing hair he'd ever seen. But as quickly as she appeared, she was gone, and Michael vowed to find her again. The underwater beauty became the object of his ultimate fantasy. He would seek the depths of the ocean to touch her skin, to kiss her lips, to caress her curves --- for once loved by a mermaid he would forever burn with Time-Kissed Destiny.

Comment: This is the fourth book I've read by the author. All the books have the time travel theme and, I found now, a connection.
In the first two books (Timeless Passion and Timeswept Lovers) the couples meet rapidly once, and the reader gets the feeling is random. Then in the third book, Time-Kept Promises, we hear nothing about them. I thought the books didn't share anything besides the theme Then there's this one. The male protagonist meets the protagonists of books #1 and #2 when they're...still single. Most confusing to me. Then, in the end of the book, one character, common in all books but in a way I completely overlooked him, clearly says the characters where chosen, and now I'm left not knowing why and how. I have two more books by the author to read, when I finally do, I'll see if there's any connection, but if not, I think I might have to look for it in other books, because my curiosity is at maximum levels right now.

And to be honest I didn't think I'd be because, mystery apart, this 4th book is my least favourite. I just didn't like the main couple, I mean, alone each character was ok, I guess, but together I didn't see much chemestry, it didn't feel they were meant for each other.
The plot is interesting yes, the descriptions of the scenes, the way things were happening were fine, but I had to make an efort to keep reading and, well, it's not the same thing when we just have to read more.
As I said, I'll read more, not right away, but one day I'll read more. I think that, considering it's books from the 80s, they're quite fine.

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