Sunday, February 12, 2012

Marquesate - Her Majesty's Men

Her Majesty's Men is the story of two soldiers in the British Forces and of a friendship taking unexpected turns. In the eyes of the Army they are just two mates who are close. But from the revelation of personal secrets, ensuing hatred and aggression, through terror and danger, to loyalty, triumphant strength and courage, grows their own realisation of what they are: comrades first and foremost, but something else too, something more significant. The two Royal Engineers, Sgt Tom Warren and SSgt Alex Turner, learn to understand the real meaning of loyalty and strength. Their fight for survival cuts through all the discipline and rules, to tie them together in a unique bond of companionship and .

Comment: I've had this book to read for ages. I finally decided to try it and considering I loved Special Forces so much, I knew this had to have the same theme - military men - so I knew what to expect. I like stories where one of the protagonists thinks he's got no chance with the other person. It's always such a great trip to see it happen.
In this story Tom is lusting after Alex for a long time but never said anyhting because a) they're in the military and b) he's Alex's best friend and doesn't want to ruin things.
But after so many time, Alex finally realises he's never seen Tom with any girl and keeps asking why until Tom comes clean and says the truth. Alex is astonished and they fight and it seems their friendship has no future. But after a mission things change and both of them have to deal with it.
I liked this story a lot, I think one of the best things in this author's work is the details and how convincing everything seems when she describes them. The characters seem very real and alive because they have human responses, things seem to be more powerful when she describes them. Plus, I like the idea of military men fallling in love, of the fact there's this feeling there and they can't do anyhting about it until it's too much to bear and they have to act on it. I think this was really well done.
The story ended up good, I am aware there's a sequel, and I'll read it one day because these two characters, after overcoming some of their fears, some things in their pasts - especially Alex - they took a step further in their relationship and despite there's still things to deal with, they seemed happy with their decision. I can't wait to read more, but this book aloneis very good.

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  1. Sonia, I remember really enjoying this novella by Marquesate. I didn't know there was a sequel... but, it has been a long time since I read it.