Sunday, March 11, 2012

Anna Windsor - Captive Heart

As the world’s only fully trained water Sybil, Andy Myles is too busy battling New York’s demonic population and coping with personal tragedy to trust her broken heart to the wrong man. Jack Blackmore, FBI adviser to Manhattan’s Occult Crimes Unit, is Army-tough and rattling Andy’s nerves big-time, criticizing her strategies for attacking the powerful flesh-feasting Rakshasa. She could happily drown Jack with a rogue wave of her water energy -- or her kisses. Honestly, when did hating a man become so hot? Jack’s all human -- and he puts his trust in bullets, steel, and fists, not magic. Tough and confident, he’s never met a problem he couldn’t handle. Then again, he’s never fought alongside warrior witches who can kill with a flick of a finger or lost his heart to a wild, unpredictable woman whose kisses taste like sweet southern rain. As a tide of despotic evil sweeps through the streets of New York, Jack’s got one chance to stop a malevolent rampage -- and claim Andy’s heart.

Comment: The final book in the series (as far as I know).
I have to confess I only read this book because I wanted some kind of closure in the series. These stories don't have the same meaning as they had before. I feel sorry this happened because the characters are interesting and the writing is too but there's something not quite right for me in the books. The simplest reason is they're just too serious, they don't entertain as much I wanted them to. This wouldn't be a problem if the plots had more vitality but even with things happening all the explanations are just too serious to make me enjoy the world, so...I've read them all, but I've lost the love for them.I still respect the plots and the author for having written this, but I no longer love the books, I'm sorry.
I've read them all because of Andy. The author recognizes she was a character most people were curious about and says so in a note in the first page of the book. I have to agree...Andy's character had the most interesting path and in her story many things were expected.
I was happy with the things worked out for Andy..she learns more about being a water sybil, about her role and what people expected from her. She takes a stronger position about some issues and I liked seeing that part of her. We also see her falling in love and it's good it makes us happy for her.
The plot...well, I was quite bored with reading the villain's parts...

- > enter rant
honestly things is to write one or two paragraphs... fine, one or two pages with villains and what they're doing or worse, their POV's if you must, but to dedicate many pages with their evil plans and motivations?? To me, it's the quicker way to skip pages. Ok I don't do it all the time but I do tend to not pay much attention to them because it's boring and it's not what I want to read about in a book, especially if it's a romance...not always in other books, but still.
(You gotta love Tess Gerritsen, yes you do)

-> end of rant

...but I liked the overall way the good guys solved the problems they had to in order to save the world. It was well done but I have to confess it wasn't the most interesting thing because the initial issue changed since the first book and things got confusing to follow.
The end of the book was sweet, as expected.
I don't have much to say, especially nice things and I feel a bit bad because I couldn't enjoy the books more, but it's fiction and I've tried and sometimes it's the best you can do.

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