Sunday, March 11, 2012

Casey Daniels - Don of the Dead

She sees dead people. Beautiful, smart, and chic, Pepper Martin never had to work a day in her life -- until her surgeon daddy was convicted of fraud, her wealthy fiance took a powder, and the family fortune ran bone dry. Suddenly desperate, the inexperienced ex-rich girl was forced to take the only job she could get: as a tour guide in a cemetery. But a grave situation took a turn for the worse when a head-on collision with a headstone left her with an unwanted ability to communicate with the disgruntled deceased . . . and now Pepper has a whacked Mafia don demanding that she hunt down his killers -- and threatening to haunt her until she does.

Comment: I've read this book, once again, because a friend recommend it to me.
Isn't this an interesting topic, how much we rely in friends' recommendations? Humm, something for later...
As I was saying, I've read this because it was a recommendation, otherwise I don't think I'd have tried it based on the blurb itself, it just seems too plain for me.
to to Pepper is a young woman who had to face some drawbacks in her too perfect life but she didn't let herself crumble, she tried the best she could to have something even if the best she got was to be a cemetery guide. One day she falls and hits her head pretty bad but she doesn't think about it too much except suddenly she can't stop seeing a ghost everywhere and more, he speaks to her and only Pepper can see him.
The story follows Pepper and her life after a lawsuit against her rich father. Now she doesn't have money or connections or friends. She lives and works as a cemetery guide until finding a better thing. In her job she falls and hits her head and starts seeing a ghost. The ghost is Gus and asks for her help to solve his murder because until that he can't rest.
I found an interesting character in Pepper. She's lived a privileged life before her father was convicted with fraud and now she doesn't have much except her will to have a better job and a better live. For this only she is a worthy protagonist to me.
The book is a mystery and Pepper has to help the ghost while dealing with two different men that suddenly appeared in her life, part of the upcoming plots must dedicate some time to Pepper's interactions with them, which doesn't really seem that interesting but I was positively surprised in this one because I imagined a lot of silly dialogue and perhaps those hateful - to me - love triangles and I was anticipating some quick barely readable page turning but no, Pepper isn't obviously sure about either one and nothing happened which I think was a good thing, after all she just had met the guys.
The mystery is actually interesting to follow and to be honest I didn't imagine it would end the way it did, it was both fulfilling and a bit sad.
I'm not really sure about this series. its true it's a fast read, nothing fabulous but enjoyable, but this thing with the two guys I don't know...I'll read the second one to make a final decision, if I like it I'll continue otherwise I'll save some time for other things...the problem is if I'm also divided after the second one...

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