Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Filipe Faria - Oblívio

The Gauntlet of Karasthan brought them together. The Children of the Scourge united them. The Dark Tides branded them. The Essence of the Blade tore them apart. The Waves of Fire gave them hope. The Fate of the Shadow destroyed it. Battered and weary, the companions now face their biggest challenge yet, as Oblivion threatens the foundations of existence itself, just as it seems to be its last hope at survival. In Allaryia’s darkest hour, the shadow rises triumphant, but all is not as it seems, and The Scourge has yet to play his final card…

Comment: This is the last book in this Portuguese series I've been following for the last years. Here's the place where every blurb is and that explains a bit about the books: http://www.allaryia.com/pearnon/?page_id=420
This series is done and I'm equally sad and glad it is over. Finally something is done, completed and the reader can have closure over it. On the other hand, there's no more to entertain us.

In this final installment, the characters we've accompanied since book 1 reunite again and we get to understand why the villain acted the way he did, especially in the previous book. I think I had said the bad guy acted strange and did things that weren't expected of him and in this final book we understand why, although rationally it's a bit unbelievable - I guess because of that the whole is so much more amazing too.
Considering this is the conclusion of the group's adventures, we see many loose ends getting solved. Of course this is a goos thing and despite many things had started to be explained before, in this book we get so much more and it's very nice to see how logical they are.
In the previous books the original group got separated to pursue different purposes and things happened to all of them and not always good ones, so part of the thrill in reading a final book, one with the bad vs evil theme too, is to see their triumph in achieving some goals and happiness.
I was surprised over some details but in general, I got what I expected and hoped for.
This is high fantasy, not exactly my favorite genre, but once in a while is great to dream like this. I'll pay attention to future things by this author but right now I just feel at ease I managed to start and finish another series.

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