Wednesday, March 21, 2012

John Updike - The Witches of Eastwick

In a small New England town in the late 1960s, there lived three witches. Alexandra Spofford, a sculptress, Jane Smart, a cellist, and Sukie Rougemont,the local gossip columnist. Their supernatural gifts were intriguing, to say the least. Divorced but hardly celibate, content but always ripe for adventure, one day all three witches found themselves under the spell of a new man in town, Darryl Van Horne. His hot tub was the scene of some bewitching delights, but that doesn't being to conjure the half of it....

: I've read this book because it was another one from one of my book clubs. To be honest I wasn't interested at all in reading this because I've watched the movie based on it years ago and the moment I read the first paragraph I knew it wasn't what I expected and the rest of the reading was pure boredom.

Still I went with it, simply because if i were to say bad things about it, the least I could do was to actually have reasons for it.
And I did.
I found the writing boring, I'm sorry once again but out tastes are our own, like in everything else we can't force ourselves to like something, pretend yes, but like like no. So I didn't find fun or wit or entertainment (some of the adjectives given to it by other reviewers) in this story. What I found was a bunch of bored and "morally disabled women" (my saying); come on they slept with anyone and not for understandable reasons in my opinion. Not that having affairs can ever be morally acceptable to me, but hey sometimes things aren't black and white so who am I, but in this story it was clearly stated.
Anyway, then there's the details, I thought some details were a bit too much I was actually repulsed by them. Physically so. Let's be blunt then...some scenes were repulsively detailed like when one of the characters asks her lover to perform oral sex on her while she's in the end of her period. Yack!
No thank you. From that moment on I was just eager to get it done and get rid of it.
I know many people like and would defend the author because of his genius, his sarcasm and irony about the time (the book is from 1984) and the type of behavior expected from people but I just didn't see it.
Well, good for those who do appreciate it and who understand or acknowledge the author's point. I didn't, I'm sorry but it's what I felt.

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