Saturday, April 7, 2012

Louise Cooper - The Initiate

The seven gods of Order had ruled unchallenged for centuries, served by the adepts of the Circle in their bleak northern castle on the Star Peninsula. But for Tarod—the most enigmatic and formidable sorcerer in the Circle’s ranks—a darker affinity had begun to call. Threatening his beliefs, even his sanity, it rose unbidden from beyond time; an ancient and deadly adversary that could plunge the world into madness and chaos—and whose power might rival that of the gods themselves. And though Tarod’s mind and heart were pledged to Order, his soul was another matter...

Comment: Another book I've read because of a friend's suggestion. I like fantasy but I prefer it if it has romance so when I read this series had some romance I decided to try it. Of course this was last november, but with me most books are in a waiting list for a looong time. Anyway, so I've read this one. This is the story of Tarod a young boy who accidentally kills his cousin because he can't control a power he discovered in that same instant.
Tarod only has his mother and their position in society is low because in this fantasy world status is everything as is money. Also his mother wanted him when he was born but with time and all the setbacks her decision meant, she grew to hate and dismiss her son and so their relationship isn't the best.
After Tarod kills his richer cousin, many people want to kill him because they fear him, but somehow he attracts a nature storm of a certain kind and escapes to the north. In there he rescues a group of women who live near the Star Peninsula, a place where the initiates in magic are learning about their powers.
Tarod goes to live there and grows up with his friend, Keredil, the son of the high Initiate.
All this happens in 3 chapters and from chapter 4 on, we see a grown up Tarod, he's 22 if I recall correctly, and his powers are getting darker although he still controls them. However, he's restless and having dreams and he fears something is wrong...
What I disliked about this story was the apparent straightness of things..yes, shocking but everything seems so focused on taking things from point A to point B that the feel of the story feels lacking somehow...

What I liked the most were the characters and the promise of things to come. Of course some things happen in terms of plot that left me surprised not because they happened but how it happened and I confess I was sad over some of them, Tarod is accused of being deceptive and his intentions mean nothing so I felt for him. I also felt sorry for Cyllan, a female character because she seems realistic and good and I hope I see her again.
I was actually moved over some things two or three characters did and can't wait to see what happens next.
All in all, an interesting fantasy world, I already bought the next two books because I'm very ager to see how Tarod will proceed!

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