Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Small rant blog related

Can I just say I hate the new blogger "backstage" layout? I'm content to do things in a way that works for me and I don't deal very well with chnges...I know this was planned I saw the warnings but honestely, I don't like it, it takes me forever to find stuff, there's a new way to post pictures I don't like either and sometimes I forget to include labels and there I go having to edit posts only because of that.
I know it's a matter of getting used to it, but...I HATE IT right now.
I really liked the way things were...
*going away sulking*


  1. Hey S.!

    You're talking about the blogger interface right (dashboard, blog post, etc.)? I hate it too!! But if you want, you can go back to the old interface. There's a button on the right top corner that looks like a nut bolt (you know, what a wrench tightens?) for setting... and you can select old blogger interface! Yay!

  2. Hello Nath! Thank you for coming here!!
    I followed your tip - thank you by the way - and the interface changed...BUT. Now there's a message saying the old interface it's going to be removed during next month! Bummer.
    Unbelievable...I guess we really have to get used to the new look...
    Are you annoyed too?

  3. Same here... I guess we'll just have to get used to it...