Saturday, May 19, 2012

Madeleine Urban/Abigail Roux - Fish and Chips

Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett are back on the job, settled into a personal and professional relationship built on fierce protectiveness and blistering passion. Now they’re assigned to impersonate two members of an international smuggling ring—an out-and-proud married couple—on a Christmas cruise in the Caribbean. As their boss says, surely they’d rather kiss each other than be shot at, and he has no idea how right he is. Portraying the wealthy criminals requires a particular change in attitude from Ty and Zane while dealing with the frustrating waiting game that is their assignment. As it begins to affect how they treat each other in private, they realize there’s more to being partners than watching each other’s backs, and when the case takes an unexpected turn and threatens Ty’s life, he and Zane will have to navigate seas of white lies and stormy secrets, including some of their own.

Comment: The third installment in the Cut and Run series.
In this story, Ty and Zane impersonate two criminals in a cruise...two gay criminals in a cruise. It seems the easiest way to be open about themselves but at the same time it might not be that easy to separate things in the end. In the cruise they are supposed to act in love while trying to find who is the true bad guy in the game but as time goes by someone tries to kill them and what looked like vacation at first gains a whole new level.

In this story Ty and Zane have to act like a married couple and make others believe they're in love. technically it's not so hard because they do have an intimate relationship and there are feelings between them. Ty, apparently, has managed to admit it to himself and I was to see him saying so, because it means he no longer sees Zane as temporary.
Zane, on the other hand still has doubts, still thinks Ty only wants him temporarily and doesn't really believe they could have something more, although he too is developing stronger feelings.
While each one is in their own personal doubtland, they have to embark in a mission where they are forced to act in love and when alone they are together ans as usual, but it's to others that they must act and soon it gets complicated to separate who's acting and more so, when it's an act and not the real thing. I really felt this separation getting all messed up because it was harder to them to not be themselves, to make it just part of a show...and although no one would point the finger at them, still they felt it and I wondered how it might affect their relationship.
The plot was funny and interesting yes, but to be honest the emotional side of things was what compelled me the most. I was intrigued by how they would play the game and how they would deal with public demonstrations of affection and it was so cool to watch, I wish they would one day admit it all and could come out too.
In the end, for me, this book was more an emotional journey for the characters than a mystery. And for one of them it also meant saying it out loud, saying each one of the three little words and I loved it! I think the other's reaction was a bit too cool, but I'll wait to see what happens in the next story because can't wait to see them together...officially. I really hope it happens.
As for this one, it was a great book, and I loved reading it.

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