Sunday, May 13, 2012

Michelle Rowen - That Old Black Magic

Reluctant witch Eden Riley knows that codependent relationships aren't good, especially when you're possessed by a sexy but troublemaking demon. Darrak's physical form makes good girl Eden want to go bad, but the constant itch to use the soul-destroying black magic she's recently acquired might force Eden to explore her dark side in an entirely different way.
And when her magic starts manifesting itself without conscious effort, both Eden's life and the possibility of a future with Darrak are threatened-since only one of them might be able to survive this...

Comment: After reading book #2 I just had to get to this one because I got really curious on how Darrak and Eden would finally solve their problem.
Eden is having more and more difficulties to control her witch's powers and that can be troublesome to her soul. In order to find help, they go ask for advice in Maksim, the wizard we've heard about in the previous book. He tells them how to solve the issue, but some things aren't as easy as they look and to make things even harder, Lucifer has asked for Eden's help too bu what he wants isn't easy to accomplish.
This books is thrilling, it's addictive because I wanted to keep reading all the time, it wasn't easy to stop when I had to. It's a very organized paranormal romance, I mean, everything follows a certain path, some might say it's expected, but I think it works, because besides Eden's looking for a way to solve everything, we also have Darrak becoming something he shouldn't and I loved seeing him have human reactions and feelings. It's very well done and the explanation in the end makes sense for the story.
I was so happy with the end of the book. I really liked it was both enchanting due to the HEA we're finally seeing and charming because the witty dialogue never stops and I laughed a few times. Plus, it happens a lot of things, some of them I didn't see coming and it very interesting ans smart how the author dealt with them.
I liked how the series developed since book #1. It was an amazing journey and it has great lines, great backgrounds, interesting characters and it's a trilogy. A finished trilogy, which means we have a beginning, a middle and an end that makes sense and delivers.
Totally happy with it and recommend it to everyone.

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