Sunday, June 3, 2012

Author's sites: a small rant

Why is that when I'm looking for some specific information on some author's sites, like..I don't know, something I think any author with a site should have, like...a detailed list of titles list, that thing isn't there?
I get that many authors can't or aren't able to update their sites or maybe there's some reason that doesn't let them manage their site...well, I can't guess and I can't actually help them, but if there's a thing an author should have in a site is a full list of books published! I don't really care if you separate them by publishers! What I really want is a list, a small list of books you've written and published! That is the information I'm looking for. It's so bothersome to go there and not find a complete and ordered list of titles, including older things.
It's obvious this relates more to author's who write for more than one publisher and sometimes have their work published only in ebook format. But still. How can I know what you've wrote and what your stories are about if you don't provide that information? Sure I could dig up that in other places, but if I go to each publisher I only get what you wrote for them, if I go to an independent bookseller like AAr sometimes they don't have everything you wrote. By now I'm bored with trying and I give up.
Please, if you can't find the time to blog, to post, to organize a site, I accept that. But please, a small, ordered list is the minimal.
I think.


  1. I agree! What I do is use Fantastic Fiction or Fiction DB when I can't find that list on the author's site.

  2. Hi!
    I also use those two sites for most authors but I read a lot of m/m stories and the majority of the authors who write that aren't in those sites and they write for more than one publisher, so it's tiresome to jump around looking for a list that's never completed.