Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sandra Hill - The Viking Takes a Knight

All Ingrith wants is refuge for herself and a group of orphans from a vicious Saxon commander who would harm the children and destroy her honor. At her age, she no longer expects to find a husband, or even a lover, especially not the arrogant Lord of the Bees!
John of Hawk's Lair longs for peace and quiet, not a nagging wife and noisy children. As a knight in the king's service, he spends his cherished time at home working on his beekeeping experiments. So when an irksome Viking princess comes barging into his castle with a horde of orphans, he does everything he can to get rid of her. But then a sexual attraction sparks between them, despite their differences, one that soon has them making honey, rather than war . . .

Comment: This is another installment in the viking series by the author. In this case, the historical ones, because the author writes viking stories both in historical and contemporary settings.

In this book, we keep following the stories of the many viking princesses sisters. Ingrith is 31 years old, she thinks she isn't that attractive and what she does best is cooking. John is the son of the heroine from the third book in the historical viking series, The Tarnished Lady. We've seen him since he was a boy and now he's the hero on his own book. These two never thought they might fall in love and have a family but apparently it's what's in their path, along with many funny moments and some interesting takes on the meaning of true love.

When I discovered this author I've read most of her work in a row. I loved her voice and her stories and how funny and light they were even when treating more serious themes. All those books still have a special place in one of my shelves.

However, the last books have become too superficial. I no longer have the same feeling of balance I used to in the older ones. I guess part of it is my own taste, it changed, but I can't help feeling the stories no long have that special taste of magic like I saw in the other books. The last two books in particular have a little bit too much sex, I mean they always did, but there was lots of sexual tension before, to make the sex not only hotter, ah ah, but more meaningful because all that sexual tension isn't there just to make the sex more intense, it's also to help build up situations where the characters would meet and argue and see the other through different eyes, it was like foreplay and dating at the same time, so by the time they actually had sex, it would have more meaning. In these last books I found that they would jump to sex too soon and in this one Ingrith is a virgin but too eager after a faked reluctance. I think it would be more suitable to create a certain resistance before she decided to have sex, I don't's just the feeing I have.
Apart from this, I think the stories have the same fun and the same plot interest, it's just...nowadays I need more.
I don't know what else to say, both main characters were quite focused once they went though their obvious "ah this isn't what I want", but like I said, the way they went about it didn't convince me. I expected more from this book, considering it was John's, a character the reader cared about since he was a child in his mother's book.

The author started a vampire angels series..with vikings. Besides the obvious reason market related, I wonder why she did it...somehow the idea doesn't seem that good and I'll wait to see someone else's opinion before getting that one. I just hope she will return to the contemporary books soon.

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