Tuesday, July 17, 2012

GA Hauser - Getting It in the End

You know him. You’ve seen him attempt to marry Sharon Tice in A Question of Sex, be swept off his feet by the ex-LAPD cop, Steve Miller in Capital Games, begging forgiveness from his best friend Jack Larsen in When Adam Met Jack, seduced by two young handsome television stars in Playing Dirty, but who is Mark Antonious Richfield? In Los Angeles, California where everyone is a ten, Mark is an eleven. Too gorgeous for everyone’s good, Mark is terribly flawed, and knows it. Beating himself up constantly for making bad decisions, Mark tries to please everyone to their peril.
But what on earth is going on with Mark now? Still working at Parsons and Company with his loyal lover, Steve, Mark begins modeling on the side. At one of his sessions he meets an old friend who stirs up some forbidden passion. And as usual, Mark Richfield is in the middle of a quagmire without the social skills to make a good decision. Other than his fantastic sex appeal, Mark has one other problem. He loves too much, has too much heart, and craves to be loved in return like he breathes air. Desperately.
Find out Mark’s side of the story, and fly with him as he falters through his life, trying, pleading, and usually not succeeding. Mark Richfield. Love him or hate him, he is a fascinating study in human nature.

Comment: Every month I read two or three gay books just to keep going through my TBR, otherwise they would just stay there eternally. Once, I used to collect things from authors whose books I'd read and enjoy because I'd be delighted with the things I'd read. This author is one of those, I've read a couple novels I really liked, so every chance I got, I'd get more books.
I've read the first two books in this Action! series and the 1st one was great, wonderful sexual chemistry, great scenes, a believable tension between the two main characters and a tiny bit of angst in there just to give some credit to their obstacles. The 2nd one wasn't as great, but still enjoyable. This one is the 3rd and I thought I might have more of the same as in book #1 but, after all, the word for it is: ridiculous.

This book picks characters from other books, because every characters, in a way or another is seen somewhere in almost every book, there's a connection somewhere in all books, so I wasn't surprised to see the ones in this story. Mark is a very known character in the author's universe, as are the other 3 that have center stage in the story. The 4 of them are two separate couples, committed, in love.
Mark, however has issues...fine, who doesn't? but I found his character so annoying here, so spoiled, so unbelievable idiot that I just cant stand him. I guess I'm becoming one of those who hate him. He doesn't try to change, to understand his behavior isn't right and no one around him seems to make him see because they all are too focused in his beauty. The thing is, he acted badly before towards his friend Jack, and now only thinks about having his friendship back and starts thinking about what would be like to have sex with him too. WTF??
You see, this is why some people still don't accept gays can have longterm relationships. Why does he have to want sex if he's in love, if he says so countless times and really likes his partner Steve? Why does Steve accept this and also wants to try sex with Jack? Why does Jack humiliates himself (in my opinion) by wanting Mark back after all the things he used to do to him? And why does Adam, Jack's boyfriend - who loves him so much and who gives him an ultimatum after Jack says he wants to be with Mark - also wants to have sex with Mark after one car ride? Please, this is ridiculous, wasn't romantic, if it's real life good, than I'll stick with fantasy thank you.
Sorry if I spoiled your fun but I just can't help myself, I was too annoyed with the story. The whole book is a disappointment to me. I respect some people might like where this is going, but after reading the blurbs from the following books, I don't want to continue this series. I'll try other books by the author because I have them and because some things she wrote I really liked - still do - but this one is just to forget.

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