Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Missing time and shelves

Hello all, so sorry to be missing lately but my job and stuff that happens in RL just didn't give me enough time to be here and do something. Then it was that awful time in the year when my mom wants to clean the whole house and having two floors is too much to do and I just couldn't find the time..I didn't stop reading (still have 8 books to comment), but I really couldn't take time to be online. On Sundays where supposedly I could, I had visitors...I love family, I do, but sometimes they do show up at not suitable times.
Anyway...during the cleaning time I took the time to organize my shelves again and I have so many books to read it's frightening, and I don't seem to be able to stop buying them. I always think what if one day I just can't have the means to buy more and I know that I'll have a tidy sum to keep me occupied but when looking at them spread all over my bed (100 alone are firsts in trilogies or series) I just know I might be a bit over the top...without counting the ebooks (which I refuse to do), I know I might have more than 380 books to read.
Yep..some people are addicted to cigarettes, other to collecting stamps, others to fast food and some just can't live without drinking. I'm a bookaholic. It could be worse and it only ruins my wallet.
So, after fixing the shelves I took some pictures and I want to share them with you. Obviously my talents as s photographer aren't the question here, but I hope you can see the books there.

I have a couple more boxes with books in there but I forgot to take the picture, it's the boxes with my Sandra Brown and Barbara Delinsky's collections ah ah

One of my dreams is to one day have a huge room only to put my books, my own personal library. Logistically it's not an easy thing to have but who knows...? I just love to be surrounded by my books, I know exactly where each and every one is right now.
It's the only good thing about cleaning the house, the chance to organize and "play" with my books :)


  1. Wow! These shelves are gorgeous and they all look SO organized! You should see mine, lol! My apartment is small and although I have 4 book shelves, they are stuffed! I still give away a lot of my books and keep very few (because of the lack of space).

    I WISH, like you, that I could have my own library! Great picktures, by the way, better than my horrible attempts. LOL!

  2. Hilcia hi. Thank you for your words :)
    Humm I took them with my cell phone, I have a camera but I have no idea where it is, besides I don't have a memory card so I couldn't take that many pictures anyway.
    I forgot to use the flash so they're all a bit shady.
    The do look much better if you could see them in person lol