Monday, August 13, 2012

Karen Rose - No One Left To Tell

It may be unlucky for some...Will anyone live to tell the tale?
If one more woman should accidentally fall, there'll be no more women and...Ramon Munoz has spent five years in prison, convicted of a murder his family is convinced he did not commit. Unable to get the courts to take them seriously, they turn to private investigator Paige Holden for help. Paige cannot resist the family's pleas. But when Ramon's wife, having just handed her the evidence that will help prove his innocence, is brutally executed in front of her eyes, Paige is thrown headlong into a case which will place her life into jeopardy. As Paige risks everything to prove Ramon was set up, she comes to realise that there is more at stake if Ramon is freed than she could have ever guessed. Can Paige stay alive long enough to unmask an unstoppable killer who will not rest until there's no one left to tell?

Comment: I really like this author. She writes great books and inserts a good romance in there too. The only thing I don't like in her books is the parts where the bad guys "talk". I really, really hate all those pages where we see the villains tell about their evil plans or committing their nasty business. I actually think it wouldn't be a loss if we didn't have that. I understand why it happens, it's the author's trademark too, but to me, personally, it's very annoying to have to go through it..I already know the bad guy is bad, why the need to put it in such an explicit form? Argh...

So, the story focus on Grayson Smith. He has a secret that few people know and he is a very decent and fair prosecutor. We know him from the previous novel. Paige is also a known character, she was mentioned before too. Paige is a PI whose most recent client asked for her help to prove her husband wasn't guilty of a crime and should get out of jail, but she is killed on her way to Paige's house and the only thing left is a disk with evidence of those involved in framing her husband.
Paige and Grayson team up to try to solve the crime and all the lies and motif's around Paige's client's death and at the same time a romance starts developing between them.

The romance is actually quite good. The first books by the author were more romantic than sizzling in this aspect but lately (the last 3 books or so) it feels like the romance got a level up, it's more intense and feels like it's more hot too. I, at least, thought so considering the way the two main characters are in their intimacy. They're falling in love and although I think it happened a bit too fast (three days) it's fiction and in the end I liked how well they suited and how they trusted each other's with secrets and the past and their fears and acknowledged a mutual acceptance for the other. It was sweet.
The always I have no idea how this author (or others in the genre, for that matter) can come up with such hideous ideas about the human can people think and act that's all imagination but reality has shown that fiction isn't that unlikely. In this case, the bad guy doesn't act alone and one of them does things I just can't understand, it's too awful. Still, I enjoyed the process of discovering the how and the why and to see the good guys catching up the bad ones.
I also liked the little details here and there about other characters...some will be protagonists in the future, others have been in the past and it's very good that the author presents us tidbits about their current lives, it's a great way to keep them in our memories and to show the main couple doesn't live in a bubble.
I can't wait for the next one...and this one was a great read, for sure.


  1. Good golly.. everyone LOVES this series of romantic suspense books. I am getting on board in 2013. Making it a reading goal. :)

  2. Hi Christine!
    This author really has a gift to write lol
    You should read them in order, although they aren't officially a series, there's a continuation and recurring characters and there's a sequence!

  3. Oh I definitely plan to read them in order. I'm a stickler like that even for a series that's only loosely connected. I love all the little details that overlap and build up as the series progresses.