Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rhianne Aile - Cursed

Upon their grandmother's death, Tristan Northland and his twin, Will, inherit her Book of Shadows and discover that one of their ancestors, a spurned witch, is responsible for dark magic that has affected the Sterling family for generations: Your firstborn son shall know the lure of the night and the lust of the moon... he will become a creature of nightmares... until the true love that should have been, finally is. Determined to right the ancient wrong, Tristan sets off across the ocean to reverse the centuries-old curse.
Benjamin Sterling might not be happy alone—not quite human, nor accepted by true werewolves—but his life is predictable, at least until Tristan Northland shows up in his office, unannounced and with nowhere to stay. Because of the curse he carries, Benjamin has plenty of reason to distrust witches and Northlands as well as the werewolf tribe that has always treated him as an outcast. But with Tristan at his side, Benjamin finds himself and his future transformed by two unexpected emotions: blooming hope and enduring love.

Comment: I've had this ebook to read for ages...well, a lot of time. Finally I've decided to get to it and the main reason why I chose this one and not other for my monthly reads is the fact this one is about shape shifters. Shape shifters are my favorite thing in the whole paranormal world. I love that strange appeal that they have because of their powers and instincts and the idea of mating forever with someone, that looking for that someone special...most paranormal wolds have this but the part about shifting shape also catches my sum, a real favorite.

So, this is the story of Benjamin, he's part of a cursed family to never find a woman's love and to change shape until the end of his live. Then, one day, a descendant from the woman who cursed Benjamin's family shows up in his office claiming to be a witch and with the possibility to help.
Tristan came all the way from London to help but he didn't count on how attracted he would be to Benjamin and the feeling is mutual. After some adventures - and some of them not very positive - Tristan actually helps Ben and even the local pack, that at first shunned Ben, also helps.

This was an interesting take on the werewolf tale. To be a werewolf one has to be born like that, changed or cursed and the later ones are kind of pariahs. So Ben always felt lonely because no one around him understood what he was going through. He married but his wife never accepted that side of him completely and they divorced. His infant son will one day go through the same fate if he can't find a way to do something. then comes Tristan, someone Benjamin's wolf feels very attracted to and Ben too. They give in to their feelings pretty soon and this was what bothered me the most. I mean, even with funky hormones, people should be able to control themselves a bit more, I think.
Tristan is an interesting character. He has a twin and they're witches. They have a shop in the UK, occult stuff, and both have some powers. Tristan falls for Ben pretty fast but he knows it's fate and he truly believes he will be able to help. His personality is bubbly and he likes to hug those he cares about.

Like I said, I think it was too fast how they gave in to their feelings and not even the fact they're mates excused this for me. But I'm not sure how much of my dislike is due to the story itself or my personal take in the subject, you see, I don't really believe in love at first sight. So, isn't it both hopeful and hopeless to read books with it? Humm, food for thoughts.
the writing was appealing, at least it was fluid. I liked all the scenes where they talked about and dealt with the wolf part of things. The other part had too much sex..yeah they're horny, but it gets boring to read page after page with that. Anyway, it was a good enough story, entertaining and although not the best in the genre I've read, it made its job.

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