Monday, September 3, 2012

Christina Dodd - My Fair Temptress

Miss Caroline Ritter, accomplished flirt, acknowledged beauty, and ruined gentlewoman, offers lessons to any rich, noble lord too inept to attract a wife. Discard your silly affectations and your garish clothing! Learn the art of witty conversation, elegant dancing, equestrian feats and irresistible seduction at the opera! With Miss Ritter's help, you can become the most sought-after aristocrat at the ball!
Send your request to the Distinguished Academy of Governesses.
Please, absolutely no devastatingly attractive men with hidden agendas, such as secret missions or vengeful plots against evil villains--specifically not Jude Durant, the earl of Huntington, the most handsome, the most covert, the most dangerous of all the aristocrats in Regency London.

Comment: Another book by this author.
Just a little note... Who comes here must bear in mind I read very randomly and try to not read the same author continuously...first because it suits the way I write in the blog and second, it doesn't bore me...unless an author writes something so amazing I just can't help myself I usually read a book a month by a certain author. I also have so many older books in my TBR list, don't always read recent books so I guess for some it might be boring to come here, but I think all books are worthy mentioning and I love to see how eclectic I am.

Ok, back to this book.This is the story of Caroline, she is a young lady who liked to flirt. That put her in an awful position when she was seduced and put aside by a married man. With her innocence intact but her reputation ruined, her father threw her out and she has been working since then, something no respectable lady should get into, but she does in order to support her and to get money to take her sister with her to France, where their maternal grandparents live. Then comes the offer from a duke to help his son become a flirt to find a wife and the promise of a huge amount of money if she can do it. Caroline jumps into action with the hope this might be the solution to her problems.
Jude is the duke's son and he is a spy. He's disguising as a silly man, only worried about fashion since his stay in France in order to catch the men who murdered his older brother. Since the two bad guys got themselves among the ton, it's Jude's job to deceive them but to do so, he must deceive everyone else. He didn't count on Caroline and her beauty to distract him and even knowing it's not the best time he decides to ruin his father's plans and make Caroline a respected lady once more..but didn't imagine he might fall in love with her too.

I really liked the story, like I said once, the author writes good historicals, in my opinion a much better job than in any paranormal she attempted, but still.
I like watching Caroline and Judd fall in love, I liked the game they played and how it came the time it was too late to ignore how they felt for each other. I liked how each one stood for the other even when others would cast a stone at the other for whatever reason, it was sweet.
In the end the story takes some predictable turns but it didn't ruin me the delight of reading about them and their love. I also liked some secondary characters because they were much more interesting and good than what I thought. I was surprised and liked it.

The book was very easy to read and it was a pleasure to turn each page. I can't wait to read the next one, which I know has a connection to this one in terms of plot.

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