Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Technical question

So, I have a technical question...some of my labels aren't inc capital letters and I wish I had them all like that...and I tried to edit one or two posts whose labels weren't in capital letters and even after updating the post it didn't change anything...
Does anyone know how I can change the labels I want into capital letters?
Thank you!!!!


  1. S., I've tried doing that and wasn't able to edit the labels. I had to create a new label with the name in caps, and add it all pertinent posts, then delete the other one. It was a pain!

    Of course that was a while ago when I didn't have so many posts up on my blog. Now, I would just leave them.

  2. Hilcia, thank you foe the idea...I'll try with one and see how it goes...but it would be too boring..although at some point I decided to just add author's names as labels to each post, some aren't in capital letters and those with just names I'd prefer them to be like that...oh well..
    Thank you for replying!!!!