Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alison Sinclair - Lightborn

The Darkborn aristocracy has rejected magic, viewing the pursuit of science as the only worthy goal. But Lady Telmaine Hearne does not have that luxury. She has kept her own powers secret, fearful of being ruined in society...until her husband Balthasar draws her into a conspiracy to protect the archduke and his brother against a magical enemy. But who will protect them from her?

Comment: This is the second book in a fantasy trilogy about a world where people are divided into those who live in darkness and those who live in daylight. The darkborns fear and dismiss magic whereas lightborns practice and encourage magic. Now the two worlds mixed and are about to start a war.

In this second book, we see several character's point of view and what's happening through their eyes, specially things in the lightborn side. Their prince is murdered and a political play starts to develop, ending up in a potential war between the two sides, ans also the threat of an invasion by the shadowborns, people everyone fears and wants to keep at distance.

This is the continuation of the fantasy world started in Darkborn. In this book, the focus is more about Floria White Hand, a lightborn and while she plays her part, we learn more about lightborns and their rules and many things pertinent to their "side", the same way we did with darkborns in the first book. There's a plot in this book to start a war between sides and some of the most powerful people in the darkborn society feel it's their right to do so. However, Telmaine is still around and developing each day her magic. Of course, she can' be found otherwise she would be ostracized. 
One day, something happens and Telmaine is discovered and accused. She has the help of others and that is how the good guys can prepare themselves to what's coming.

This is a very complex world. Many rules exist and some of them hard to follow. I think a sort of glossary or background explanation would be better instead of only the information given in the books. Some things still make me confused. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book and there were several parts where I couldn't wait to see what would happen. All the main characters play a certain role and are meant to be part of something, and  can't help but wonder what they would do in the future. I think the author has created a very special world, and I'd like to have a more concrete idea of how things work.
The best thing about these books is the original society created. It's fun to find out about what suits a lightborn and a darkborn and their differences, even funnier is to see the things that make them close. They divide the city and strange at it seems, the rules are different for each group. 
This book is the continuation of a detailed plot. It's real not good to read it alone because many things wouldn't make sense. I felt lost in some moments and I did read the first one. I think it could use a bit more "lightness", I mean, more funny and easy moments between characters, perhaps a bit more romance, because despite being a fantasy it doesn't have to be all about politics and business. I think it could use a bit more balance between the different subjects being dealt int he story.
The characters have strengths and weakness, not only personal traits but things about whether thy are lightborn and darkborn. It's interesting to look for them and to think about each person that way, I think in this the author has done a good job.

Anyway, I liked the book and I'm eager to read the third and see what will happen about some things, but I hope it will go a certain path, otherwise I think it might too...businesslike and that could make the whole trilogy more serious than what it needs.

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