Monday, November 5, 2012

JL Langley - My Regelence Rake

With his days occupied with duties as Captain of the Guard, and nights consumed with upholding his reputation as a rake, Lord Sebastian Hastings’s schedule is filled. There’s no extra time to be anyone’s bodyguard, but the royal family’s safety is a task he sees to personally.
Prince Colton Townsend has loved Sebastian for as long as he can remember, but he’s done pining for a man who has vowed never to remarry. So he consoles himself with the second love of his life—horses. Stable building and horse racing consume his every thought, at least until he’s stuck with Sebastian dogging his every step.

While looking over the prospects at an auction, Colton is trying to ignore his sexy, pesky bodyguard when he feels compelled to take on a bully to protect an abused horse. Sebastian is dragged into the fray, and their good deed sparks a string of nasty rumors.

There’s only one way to quell the political storm: marry. But instead of solving everything, Colton realizes his new husband is a bundle of secrets, none of which he’ll give up easily. Unless Colton makes one, last-ditch effort that could break his heart for good.

Comment: This is the third book int he Regelence series by the author. It's about a planet in the very distant future, following the rules of Victorian society with a set of futuristic details. In this world it's the young men who are protected and homosexuality is not only accepted but the norm in the planet.

This book is all about Colton, another of the princes we've been knowing since book #1. Colton has been in love with Sebastien Wentworth forever and keeps giving hints of that but one day sees his beloved with someone else and makes the decision of giving up and tries to focus on breeding horses, something he knows he's good at.
Sebastien has some secrets he doesn't want to see revealed. He works as royal guard and he's proud of his achievements. He never thought about Colton in terms of love but when matchmaking, breeding horses and dance balls plot to put him with Colton it's like he sees the light.

I enjoyed the story a lot. I'm a big fan of the author's writing and I loved most of the stories I've read by her. This wasn't the exception and I got a great story, many adventures but also interesting takes on how to act when you think you feel something.
The strongest pints in the series, thus this book, is how well structured the world is. Although on an alternate view of what a world could be, there are many things appealing to the reader. The whole idea of a world where gay people can have rights and be the dominant force is something to think about. I think the author has a great imagination and she supports her ideas with a clear and strong writing.
I liked the romance between the main couple. It was funny and I really wanted them to make it. I was also suspicious about Sebastien huge secret but still part of it surprised me.
Another great thing is the familiar feel of the story, so many characters are in the books, not only family members but mostly, the reader feels so connected to all of them, it's a wonderful thing in the books, for sure. the reader also gets to picture future pairings ans considering the air time of some of the remaining characters we get the idea they might have a stronger presence in incoming books. I like this feeling a lot.
It's always such a pleasure to read a book by this author...I wished she could write faster.

I think this book is more about entertainment than other thing, I think it meets its goal and presents a good proof of the author's writing skills. It's a simple story but with so many details that make the reader eager to read more. It has many little details and some scenes with other characters other than the main couple, that somehow give an element of fullness, of strength that is very likable.
I can't barely wait for the next book, whether in this series or any of the others the writer has...and I recommend this one to all readers of m/m.

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