Thursday, November 29, 2012

Joey W Hill - Beloved Vampire

Lord Mason has lived in the Sahara desert for 300 years, grieving for a lost love and guarding her tomb. When the tomb is breached, his vampire bloodlust is stirred to raging by the thought of someone disturbing her sanctuary.
What he finds is Jessica, a fugitive from his own world. Forced into service to a cruel vampire master, Jessica was able to kill him when he tried to make her his full servant. Because the third marking was not complete, it left her alive...barely.
Drawn by the historic legend of the tomb, not knowing how it intertwines with the vampire world she is seeking to avoid, Jessica's only desire is to die there, with her hand on the sarcophagus of the woman who had an unyielding faith in love.
Instead, her desire to live is forcibly re-awakened by the vampire who refuses to let her give up. She clings to her hatred, but Mason is determined to help her believe in love again. The only catch is he might have to do the same. But can he offer up his heart to another extraordinary woman if he already gave it away centuries ago?

Comment: I've purchased this book especially for one of my book clubs. I've heard about the author before, although this was my first attempt to read her work. I never paid much attention because I knew she is considered erotica and right now I'm not very interested in reading things like that. I was at a time but nowadays not so much although I do get one here and there once in a while. Anyway, this is the 4th in a series that besides being erotica, also had BDSM, something I've tried reading about and most times hated. I have to be brutally honest and say I liked some books with this but for the love of God, I can't remember a single title, but I know I did.
However, people told me this book wasn't heavy on the BDSM part and I decided to give it a try because of that, otherwise I'd skip this one. I really don't like BDSM, especially if it's the hard core style or if it's about power and humiliation. I confess it's a lifestyle I don't enjoy knowing about and don't think I'd accept it in real life. In fiction it gets on my nerves enough, thank you.

The book is mostly about Jessica and Mason. Jessica has been abused by her master for five years and after all the most despicable things were done to her, in a random chance she was able to kill her master but the past is still with her and she only wants to die. She found a diary once and grabbed it like a lifeline to help go through her days and in that she read about a centuries past love story so strong - despite having ended in tragedy - she desires only to die in the place where the dead narrator of the diary is.
Mason is the lover of that dead woman and he's a master vampire, something Jessica fears and despises the most. However, their lives meet and mason saves Jessica from dying. In that, their journey of healing begins.

I liked the book a lot. Much more than I thought I might. Simply because there are almost no scenes whatsoever of BDSM. And the ones that we see aren't very heavy or detailed or important to the general story.
The book is more centered in hope and healing. Jessica has been through a lot and she needs time to get over the issues and to accept her new life. She becomes Mason's servant (it's right in the beginning of the book, so no spoilers) and with time she has to learn he is very different from her previous master and what she thought was the norm really wasn't. I liked the fact Jessica didn't change her mind just because she felt sexually attracted to Mason. She did take hr time thinking, acting and healing before anything happened between them. She had to learn to have hope and I loved that it took time, she took her time and the story felt better because of that, if she had rushed things I don't think the book would have any purpose.
Mason also had to heal. He seemed over the death of his centuries lost wife, but there were still some things for him to deal with. Again, it took time and I liked how Jessica helped him too. In the end both helped the other and how they accepted each other in the end of the book felt more real and believable.
I think the author has a skill to writ about this subject of healing and hoping. I wish she would focus more on this than on erotica lol. She wrote in a way that made us "see" the time go by and the characters evolve. I liked that.
This book was very good for me, it suited the tone of the story and the difficulty of the theme, because Jessica was abused and no one gets over it in a day or two, it takes time and, I can't stop saying it, he author took time and it suited the book so much.
Now I'm curious to read more, but only her stand-alones about this world. It's still a BDSM themed world but the stand-alone titles don't seem to focus so much on that, something people who read it also say. Perhaps in the future I will try them too.

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