Monday, December 17, 2012

Current status

It's unbelievable how many things have to be done when we think we can just lay back and do fun stuff.
The past days have been filled with many house chores and Christmas shopping and lots of annoying other things. Weekends, as much I hate it, are the days where I do the least.
Then my computer is so slow and old and the Internet connection hates me and amazingly, all these things together stopped me from coming here and write. I guess I could write in a word document but I write in the moment and to save comments doesn't seem as interesting but I guess I'll have to try it in the future because I have 14 books to comment...I think I'll just summarize some of them instead....
I didn't give up, I'm just...delayed.
Hopefully I'll be able to buy myself a laptop in the near future....
Well, I'm going back to normal...I hope.

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