Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lewis Perdue / Rowan McBride

When Zoe Ridgeway, a prominent art broker, visits Switzerland with her husband, Seth, she expects to purchase the rich estate of a secretive art collector. But before Zoe can complete the transaction she and Seth are drawn into a thousand-year-old web of conspiracy, murder, and intrigue that begins and ends with the mystery of a female Messiah, a young girl whose existence, if proven, would explode the very foundation of Western culture.

Seth Anderson has finally found sanctuary in Brier, Iowa. Even better, he's found Rafe: a strong, giant of a man who owns the town pool hall. Seth has never been so close to anyone. When he's asked to give a series of lectures in DC, it seems only natural that Rafe come along. But in a few surreal days, his true nature is exposed and he brings both their lives crashing down around them.
Because Seth is not only a werewolf; he's also something much, much worse.

*  *  * 

Comment: Another two books I've managed to read in December.
Daughter of God is a mystery very focused in the historical background and information. We follow a certain number of characters while they try to discover what is happening because of an old religious text and box which is said to contain a Catholic Truth that would shock the world. While the two main characters try to help a group of protectors to retrieve the box and thus helping the Church, others want the box to show their power and influence in changing the world's view of how to look at the Catholic Faith. I found the book very good in information, I've leaned a great deal about how the Church first begun to function and some of the background about how everything works. In that, the book is great. the rest I think was just there to provide a plot because it wasn't memorable or amazing, not in the way Dan Brown showed us..I guess it's a writing style thing. I liked the book, but didn't love it, despite how informative it was and how not boring it presented things.

Lone is a book about a man who always lived alone because he thought he didn't deserve anyone. But one day he finds someone and wants to be with him all the time. One day, the truth about him being a kind of shape shifter is revealed and he fears the man he loves will turn his back on him, but this doesn't happen because true feelings are stronger than prejudice and fear. I think it was a good story, with a strong lesson, we must trust our feelings and others in order to be really happy. I'll eventually try more books by this author, for sure.

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