Thursday, January 24, 2013

Amanda Steiger / Leigh Ellwood

Keith is a werewolf on the run. Several years ago, he fled his pack and its cruel alpha and has been moving from place to place ever since: a lone drifter. Then he meets Taylor, a recently infected lycanthrope. As Keith helps Taylor come to terms with his nature, a powerful attraction grows between them? but Keith's past comes back to haunt him in the form of Lucas, his vindictive ex-alpha. Now, Keith and Taylor must fight for their lives and freedom.

* * *

 When Cale Durbin receives a GPS system for his birthday, he tests it out on the drive to meet a blind date. The blasted device gets him lost, but Cale doesn't mind so much when he ends up at the door of a hunk named Mike who shares many of his interests.
After the date fails, Cale discovers the GPS possesses a unique feature—it leads him right to Mike again! Can true happiness be found through a global positioning device, or is Cale headed in the wrong direction?

Comment: This month my m/m reads have been short-stories because one had 79 pages, the other 45.
It wasn't premeditated, actually. I just went trough the many m/m ebooks I have and picked two, think of a map and a pin and ta-da, here they were.

Runaway is the story of Keith, a lone wolf who rescues a young one, Taylor, from suicide. He takes him home and teaches him how to learn to deal with his wolf and slowly, they fall in love. They also have to solve the problem of the alpha in Keith's previous pack showing up and trying to bring him back. However, the will to protect Taylor will be the challenge he needed to be better.
I liked the short novel, the difference between the characters, I also felt the story could be bigger, but there wasn't that feeling of not enough, so I was quite satisfied with the book. An author to investigate even more.

GPS is a very short story about a man receiving a GPS as a gift and somehow the device always takes to, someone he didn't think would be right for him, but shares the same interests. The story is centered in the idea that even when we don't think we're in the right direction, with a little help, we can get there. This premise is funny and the story is light and easy...simply to relax, because despite mentioning the fear of taking that step towards what's right, it's instinctive to be afraid.
I enjoyed reading it, even though it was quite small.

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