Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dream a Little Dream

The day when I finally become a millionaire - yeah, right - I'll have my own wonderfully great personal library.
It will a bit like this:

Or, depending on my decoration, lol, it might more in the lines of:

There's no harm in dreaming, right? I just wish I could step over dreaming and get to doing, but oh well, one has to do with what one has and unfortunately it's much smaller and unfashionable.
Still, they're great to look at!

Note: Images from and


  1. I call pictures like these "library porn." ::drool::

  2. LOL when I saw this title I thought you were going to review the SEP book. :-)

    I love looking at libraries :-)

  3. Wendy, well, if they're porn than I'm an addict lol because I like to look at them and sometimes even draw my wonder library and where I'd put each about dreaming...

    Ana, SEP....actually I have a book by her to read, not the one with this title, but I don't foresee doing it in the near future yet.
    Too many others to be read first.

  4. Can you imagine??!! I would love the first one, thank you very much.