Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kerrelyn Sparks / Jayne Castle

It's not every day that Elsa Bjornberg feels delicate, not when she hosts a home renovation show where she can effortlessly demolish a kitchen. But from the moment she meets Howard Barr, this bear of a man makes her feel like a woman. And the way he looks at her, as if she were a pot of honey he'd like to lick . . .
Howard is not like most men. For one thing, he's a shapeshifter. And he always thought his celebrity crush would never amount to anything more than drooling at Elsa on TV. When his meddling vampire employer gets involved, the star is suddenly within his grasp -- and within a hair of her life. For an ancient curse forbids their newfound love, and Howard is suddenly torn between his desire for her and his desire to keep her alive.

*  *  *

Life is complicated for Lydia Smith. She's working at that tacky, third-rate museum, Shrimpton's House of Ancient Horrors, trying to salvage her career in para-archaeology--and dating the most dangerous man in town. Just when she thinks she might be getting things under control, she stumbles over a dead body and discovers that her lover has a secret past that could get him killed. Just to top it off, there's trouble brewing underground in the eerie, glowing green passageways of the Dead City.
Of course, all of these problems pale in comparison to the most pressing issue: Lydia has been invited to the Restoration Ball and she hasn't got a thing to wear.

Comment: Another pair of books I've read, both of them another installment in a series I've started before.

Wild About You is the latest book in Kerrelyn Sparks' paranormal series and focuses on Howard, he's a shifter and is a recurrent characters since the first books. He is in a journey to catch some wolf shifters, guilty of murdering people from his past, and at the same time meets Elsa, she works in a tv show renovating houses and he has a crush on her...
Elsa is a big, Swedish young woman and she never felt very feminine but after meeting Howard, that changes. However, her past isn't as simple as one might think and she discovers she's got an affinity to the forest...
I lied the book, it's true to the storyline and mentions many of the subjects still on the table to be solved, which gives the reader an idea of continuity; I liked that.
The romance is actually sweet and has it's hot moments too. Not the very best, but very good anyway.

After Glow is the sequel to After Dark, a story included in Harmony, the fist book I've read by Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle. This After Glow keeps the same storyline of the 1st book, with the same main characters. In a way it allows the reader to understand better some things we've learned about in that first book but it also has some news I wasn't expecting to see.
Emmett and Lydia take their relationship to the next level, although not as smoothly as one might imagine. Still, I liked the story and was glad to see this book explained the things left unsolved in After Dark. I'm curious about the next books, I'll try to get them soon but I don't think I'll read another one so fast, schedule doesn't allow it. Still, an interesting world to read about.

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