Sunday, January 13, 2013

To Be or Not to Be in Goodreads

There I go, missing all the time...stupid Internet connection hates me, I swear.
Now I also decided to join goodreads...there are many lists there and I saw some and they seemed interesting and I want to buy some books I saw there.
I registered because I thought it would be fun...I also have an account on Shelfari but I lost interest because takes too long to keep adding books plus I read fast and can't be on line every day and it sort of annoys me to have to keep updating things all the time...but otherwise it's not much fun either, so...
I spent the last hour browsing goodreds, I've visited the page of a friend and suddenly I feel...overwhelmed. I feel my interest and motivation to participate evaporating, I know it would be too much work...I barely have time to post in my blog much less to keep up with goodreads...but I feel sad because I really wanted to join in communities, to create interesting lists and to "talk" books...but I guess I'm too much a control freak to just relax and enjoy things step by step...


  1. Well, it's too late to comment on this. But, I'm SO glad you decided to join! Take it one day at a time. I joined in 2009 while on the Phade, but I took it easy adding my books and didn't even begin joining groups or participating until 2010/2011. So take your time. :)

  2. Hi Sonia. :)
    I, too, am very glad to see you joined goodreads. I know it can be very overwhelming when you join a community in which your friends already seem well settled and lots of activity is well underway. But we all started out that way! So I have to second Hilcia's advice.. just take it one day at a time. Start by maybe just adding your current reads from here. Then when you feel a bit more adventurous (and have the time), maybe add books you've read in the past by either month or genre. It took me months to feel "caught up" over there, but I do love it. Hope you stick it out!

  3. Hi ladies, thank you for your words...
    Well, I do have to take it slowly because I don't have as much time to fix things right away..and I keep remembering books...oh well, one day everything will be the way I want to! lol