Monday, February 18, 2013

S. W. Vaughn - Unforgiven

After serving four years for a murder he didn't commit, ex-cop River tries to avoid the human race. He runs street cons to make enough money for the dilapidated room he rents and the booze he drinks to stay numb. But when he tries to scam a gorgeous stranger who's robbing an ATM, he soon realizes he's tangled with the wrong man.
Braelan is the prince of the Seelie Fae, just arrived in the human realm to avoid becoming King. He also has unfinished business with his half-brother, who he owes a debt that may be impossible to repay. When a scruffy, unkempt human attempts to take the money he's stealing, Braelan offers to pay him in exchange for spending the night with him--though he has no idea why he's attracted to the man.
Despite himself, River agrees to one night only--and after the most incredible sex of his life, he realizes there'll be no getting over Braelan anytime soon. But River doesn't want to feel anything, and Braelan feels too much. While neither can deny what might be love, River's past is coming back to haunt him...and it will drag Braelan down with him. 

Comment: I've picked this book because I've read the previous two and was curious to know what was going to happen with the third brother. I've read the first two books Skin Deep and Heartsong and I lied them quite much, although they're not the most amazing thing in the world. But they both had interesting characters and situations that pulled me. It's a world about humans and Fae, all in a very practical way, which means there's not much detail about the Fae and the action takes place in the "human" world.

This Unforgiven is the story of Braelan, he's the brother of Cobalt and Uriskel, the brothers from the other books. Braelen is the only legitimate brother of the bunch, as the others have been exiled to the human world and everything. Braelen always lived a life of privilege and knows it. When he finds out Uriskel is his brother and thinks about all the awful things he said to him and made him do, he regrets it and fears his brother won't forgive him, ans with reason. However, the real guilty is his father and Braelen decided to live in the human world like his bothers because he's finally tired of the way his father rules the Fae world.
River is an ex cop, he was considered guilty of murdering his partner, who also was his lover. He suffered a lot in jail and when he got out, he become another poor, ignored person in New York. He tricks people into getting him money for drinking and he doesn't regret it because he just wants to forget his past.
River and Braelen meet when Braelen is in the process of stealing money. From then on, their lives get entwined and Braelen actually helps River when he needs the most...

I had read the previous two books a long time ago. Obviously before I started the blog, otherwise I'd have some comment about them here. To be honest there wasn't much I remembered, besides the character's names and overall feeling about them. This book made me remember more things, so it's clear you can read the book as a stand alone although I think it's another of those cases where you can feel the story is better after having more knowledge from before.
This book tell us the story of Braelen, he's a prince and has done some bad things in his past because he didn't know better. Once he found out about his bother he understands it's best to be near people who really care about you instead of duty people. I thought it was credible of him to look for his brothers and to feel regret over the way he mistreated one of them and yo ask for forgiveness. His character was one about how to learn to treat people better and to accept some people are truly good ones and not envious or deceitful ones.
River is human and was framed foe a crime he didn't commit. He feels awful both in spirit and in mind. He feels he's lost all his worthiness and doesn't care about anything else but his next drink. He's almost homeless and tricks people into giving him money on the streets. After meeting Braelen he starts to care again for someone else and after many years he feels sexual attraction too, again. I liked how these two were together, how slow and apparently easy it started between them and how it grew into something more.
While their relationship wasn't bad or wrong, I also felt it could have used a bit more of thinking. They both seemed to accept many things quite fast. I guess I could use a bit more of text to set them up before they got more intimate, and I don't mean sex, although that could have waited a bit more too. Anyway, it wasn't that badly done, just seemed too average and it's not the kind of story to be memorable after a while.
This is also my overall opinion of the book itself. It's average. I think it could have used a bit more well placed character development. But as it is it's not bad, just could have been better.
I liked how it ended, how it showed them solving their issues and trying to achieve a happy ending, which they did, as unlikely as it was. Anyway, entertaining read and I was really curious to see how the trilogy would end so...not such a wasted effort.

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