Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Amanda Quick - Reckless

At sixteen Phoebe Layton had imagined that Gabriel Banner was a brave and valiant knight, a noble-hearted hero born to rescue ladies in distress. Which is why, eight years later, when she desperately needed help toe carry out a vital quest, she could think of no one more suited to the job than Gabriel.
But when she lures her shining knight to a lonely midnight rendezvous, Phoebe finds herself sparring with a dangerously desirable man who is nothing like the hero of her dreams. And when he sweeps her into a torrid -- and blatantly unchivalrous -- embrace, she can't help but fear that she's made a dreadful mistake. It's a kiss that will seal Phoebe's fate. For now the exacting Earl of Wylde has a quest of his own: to possess the most intriguing, impulsive, outrageous female he has ever met...even if he has to slay a dragon to do it.

Comment: Another one of the books by Amanda Quick I have in my TBR list. I'm decided to finish them this year...

This is the story of Phoebe and Gabriel. Phoebe first met Gabriel when she was 16 because he kidnapped her sister from a unwanted marriage but her sister regretted that and returned to her betrothed and Gabriel was left with nothing soon after that because of the girl's father.
Now, Phoebe needs Gabriel's help in a quest, for she believes a man was killed without reason and she wants to find th truth as well as a book that belonged to her. The two things quickly seem to be wrapped in the same purpose and Phoebe wants Gabriel to be her sort of knight.
Gabriel wants revenge from the family that contributed to his losing everything. Despite being rich now, he still feels deceived in the past and when he realizes Phoebe is the younger daughter of the man who caused his troubles, e wants nothing more than to use her and make them pay. But the more time he spends with her, more deep he goes into her schemes and love makes an appearance too.

This was another good enough story, great to spend the time with, like most her books. I can't say it was an amazing read, but it surely offered a few hours of entertainment.
The story was interesting, although I feel some things were done rather loosely..I wish there could be a deeper level sometimes, to make the book more serious because despite not considering them funny reads, there is always a certain sense of easiness, of nonchalance that I think sometimes didn't have to be as blatant as that. Anyway, it's not like I see it all the time, but..it's a thought.
The romance was fine, I guess. Phoebe and Gabriel didn't seem to have much in common, and their physical relationship wasn't the best the author has written, but the dialogue is great and they're always debating something, it's good.
I liked some of the secondary characters, for instance, Phoebe's brother and it would have been fun to see him get a romance of his own.
The story details were several and quite different. In a way, it made the story move along with many things to keep the reader interested but it also gave a feel of fullness to the book and in a way I think it could have used a plot line less or something, I'm not sure how to explain.
I liked reading this, it's not the best one of hers, but is surpasses two or three I enjoyed less and that I think weren't as entertaining and warranting to the characters as this one.

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